TM 77HI Windows

TM 77HI Windows

renoline_650TM 77HI Windows system is a new innovative solution which allows for obtaining perfect parameters of thermal and acoustic insulation, as well as protection from wind and water.

  • fixed windows,
  • tilt-turn windows,
  • tilt windows,
  • turn windows,
  • multi-sash windows,
  • windows with pillars.

Technical description

TM 77 HI Windos system consists of 2 aluminium parts separated by insulation tape.
The depth of construction is as follows:

  • window frame – 77 mm
  • window sash – 86.4 mm

 Additional assets (typical for an individual system


  • the system allows for saving energy which translates into the marked decrease in heating costs
  • the system allows for the creation of a large-surface structures enabling a modern arrangement of elevations and interiors
  • it co-operates with a wide range of fitting and control (a possibility of different structural configurations, also electrically and remote-controlled)
  • the system allows for the implementation of modern solutions concerning window structures in various configurations and layouts
  • the system includes unique solutions of thermal insulation which allow for obtaining a perfect value of the thermal transmission coefficient at the level of Uf=1.1 – 1.5 W/m2K


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