425x600_2798The Yawal TM75EI system is used to construct fire-protection walls and doors of fire-resistance classes EI 15; EI 30; EI 45; EI 60.
It enables the production of a wide selection of door structures, walls and their combinations.
It also enables the construction of smoke-proof structures.
The system has been certified by the ITB AT-15-6830/2007 Technical Approval.

Technical description

The thermo-insulated profiles of the TM 75EI system consist of two aluminium parts, an internal and external one, separated by insulating belts. The insulation in profiles is provided by polyamide tapes strengthened with 32 mm wide glass fibre.

The profiles are manufactured as two structural varieties that differ in the degree of filling the aluminium profile chambers with fireproof insulation inserts.
The characteristic size of profiles is 75 mm (the development depth) in case of the frame, as well as the leaves.
The TM 75EI system may use a variety of transparent and non-transparent 8-50 mm fills listed in the approval.
The maximum structural dimensions are presented in the approval.

Characteristic features

The set of material of the TM 75EI system may be used for the construction of internal and external construction sections serving the purpose of fire protection, as well as internal and external barriers that are not limited by any fire-protection requirements.
The technical and technological solution and the available set of material allows for the construction of the following barriers:

  • partition walls and cabinets,
  • partition walls and cabinets with one- and two-leaf door,
  • one-leaf door, one-leaf door with transom and additional illumination,
  • two-leaf door with transom and additional illumination.

The set of materials is classified as fire resistant, and, moreover, the one- and two-leaf door, also in walls, have been classified as smoke-proof.

Technical parameters

Parameter Value
Fire-proof classification EI30, EI60 PN-B-02851-1, PN-EN 13501-2
Thermal insulation 2.6-2.55 [W/(m˛ˇK)]
Acoustic insulation Rw 35-40 dB
Wind resistance class C PN-EN 12210
Air permeability class C PN-EN 12210
Mechanical resistance class 3 and 2 PN-EN 1192
Water-tightness class 3A PN-EN 12208
Corrosivity category C1-C4 PN-EN 12944-2
Resistance to internal wall hit I-IV, I-III ETAG no. 003
Wall deviation from the perpendicular 10°

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