TM 74 1.0 Doors

TM 74 1.0 Doors

425x600_2797The TM 74 1.0 system is used for the construction of doors characterised by high-parameter thermal and acoustic insulation and aesthetics, for external development in residential, public service and industrial buildings.

The system enables the construction of the following:

  • one-leaf inside and outside door,
  • two-leaf inside and outside door,
  • one- and two-leaf door built into a cabinet, with transom and additional illumination

Technical description

  • The PI 50N system consists of three-chamber aluminium profiles with a thermal separator.
    The casing depth is as follows:
  • frame – 74 mm
  • leaf – 74 mm

In TM 74 system may use various fill types (thermal glass, also in 13-46 mm three-pane packets) and various non-transparent fill.

Maximum leaf dimensions:

  • door leaf height – 2300 mm,
  • door leaf width – 1250 mm,

The system has an individual unique internal space division which allows for the maintenance of very good thermal values.

Additional advantages (particular for each system)

The wide range of profiles enables the construction of various individual door types. Different width of profiles enable the application of a full selection of modern fittings and individual handles and pulls. The profile width enables the use of hidden hinges, as well as remote controlled locks.

Characteristic features

The TM 74 1.0 system doors are a modern solution dedicated to a large group of receivers.
The unique system of air circulation division among profiles allows for the structure of considerable thermal insulation.
Painting with the use of the variety of RAL colours, and the possibility of wood base layer application provides a structure with an individual style.
The usefulness of the product in the construction branch has been confirmed by studies carried out in notified laboratories.

Technical parameters

Parameter Norm Value
Air infiltration PN-EN 12207 class 3
Water-tightness PN-EN 12208 A5
Deformation PN-EN 12210 C3
Acoustic insulation PN-EN ISO 140-3 30÷40 dB
Thermal insulation Uf=1,9 W/m2K
Corrosivity category PN-EN ISO 12944-2:2001 C1, C2, C3, C4


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