Wooden joinery

Wooden windows from the company KARO AUGUSTÓW are made from carefully selected pine wood, mahogany (meranti) or oak bonded from layers. They are subject to technological processing according to strict European standards, which ensures a product of unsurpassed quality.

The wide range of colours and freedom of design, in connection with advanced production technology, enable to customize use parameters and final appearance of the windows to the requirements of our Customers.

Advantages of wooden windows:

  • wood is an eco-friendly material, favourable to health, it regulates the humidity of the air in the room through its absorption and excretion, an energy-efficient product,
  • two seals after closing the wing to the frame create an air chamber, additionally insulating the room,
  • thermal drip caps protect the frame and the window wing against the effect of moisture from the outside, discharging rainwater outside the window frame, they protect the structure against water ingress,
  • the frame structure and wings are made of a 3-layered bonded wooden square timber, this causes that the internal tension occurring in the wood gets eliminated mutually, and the wood remains unchanged despite the weather conditions.



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