Wooden-aluminium joinery

Wooden-aluminium windows from the company KARO AUGUSTÓW is the connection of wood and aluminium in such a way as to take advantage of usability and aesthetic values of each of the raw materials.

Wood has been known for a long time as an environmentally friendly raw material which also creates a warm and friendly atmosphere in interiors.

Aluminium applied from the outside provides protection for the wood and is a guarantee of durability.

The use of wooden-aluminium windows allows to maintain a warm atmosphere in interiors, while guaranteeing that the aluminium outside will provide the windows the best protection against the impact of weather conditions, and thus their longevity.

Durability and ease of maintenance make this the best choice economically. Thanks to the longevity of such windows and ease of conservation, the operating costs are minimal. You will never have to paint the ALUMINIUM surface. By selecting windows made from the combination of wood and aluminium, the customer obtains a practically indestructible product, as the aluminium protects the wood like the bark of a tree.



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