KBE 88mm


SYSTEM 88mm contributes to energy-efficient economy and environmental protection. In the basic variant – with steel reinforcement in the frame and in the wing the coefficient value of heat transfer U amounts to 1.1 W /(m2/K).
Thanks to the use of additional thermal insulation this value can be reduced to 0.8 W/ (m2/ K). It meets the requirements set out for passive houses.

  • 6-cell technology of profiles – thanks to integrating innovative steel reinforcement, a 7th additional chamber is obtained, which has an impact on improving heat insulation
  • greater comfort of use, less risk of condensation thanks to the coefficient value Uf from 1.1 W / (m2 K) to 0.8W / (m2K)
  • possibility of applying a central seal – additional improvement of heat insulation and better rain and wind protection
  • slip in the frame as the drainage groove for water precipitation
  • greater range of glazing, triple and stronger window protects against noise and burglary
  • durability and stability thanks to enhanced statics
  • modern design, perfect proportions
  • wide range of colours
  • profile stabilised by unleaded zinc-calcareous greenline compounds

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