mb-59s-pivotThe pivoted window MB-59S PIVOT is a part of the window/door system with thermal break MB-59S of ALUPROF S.A. Company.

The MB-59S PIVOT system is designed for producing windows of vertical or horizontal rotation axis requiring thermal and acoustic insulation, economic structures, but also having good functional qualities. This type of windows is intended to be mounted both in brick wall openings and in mullion-transom facades.

The dimensional range for window casements:

1.Window with a horizontal rotation axis:

Height: 800 – 2000 mm.
Width: 500 – 2400 mm.
Weight: max. 180 kg.

2.Window with a vertical rotation axis:

Height: 500 – 2400 mm.
Width: 800 – 2000 mm.
Weight: max. 120 kg.

The rotary hinges ensure the casement rotation angle from 0o to 180o. Hinges may be optionally equipped with a blockade of the casement opening up to the angle equal to 22o. After turning the blockade knob, the window casements can be rotated by the angle of 180o in order to e.g. wash the exterior window surface in a convenient and safe way.

The glass panels or other in-fills are mounted with the help of glazing beads and gaskets. The window structure allows application of sets of glass panels of the thickness equal from 4.5 mm to 31.5 mm.

The tightness against water and air is assured thanks to application of special gaskets made of EPDM synthetic rubber. The window tightness is highly influenced by maintaining a great precision while processing and mounting the structure.

Each rotary window to be mounted in exterior building must be provided with an efficient water drainage and ventilation system from the glass chamber and from the chamber between the casement and the frame. Such type of windows is especially often applied in the countries of the Western and Northern Europe.

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