50 SG and SG-M FACADE (FA 50 SG and SG-M) system is a system of aluminium profiles used for the construction of modern curtain walls of simple or complex shapes (turns, collapses, polygonal run). The external wall of the curtain wall remains plain without visible aluminium boards.

Technical description

The load bearing structure of a carrying wall consists of vertical (poles) and horizontal (bolt) profiles of box section and standard width of 50 mm. It is possible to use 26-212 deep poles and 20-120 mm bolts. In the area of load-bearing structure infill may have a form of insulated glasses fixed to aluminium frames. The thickness of the infill applied ranges from 26 to 32 mm. There are two methods of fixing the glass surface to an aluminium frame: 50 SG FACADE structural pane gluing, 50 SG-M FACADE mechanical pane fixing. The aluminium frames supporting the glass may perform the function of a swinging window or permanent section. The infill area that constitutes the window sill and lintel belts of determined fire protection (EI 15 EI 120) may be shaped. Providing high-parameters of wind and water tightness is obtained by the use of EPDM gaskets. The fixing of a curtain wall structure to the building (structure) takes place with the use of special aluminium consoles.


  • alloy: EN-AW 6060 T6 (AlMgSi0.05 T6)
    – PN-EN 573-1, PN-EN 573-4 chemical composition
    – PN-EN 12020-2 performance tolerances
    – PN-EN 755-2 mechanical properties
  • air permeability: a 0.1 m3/(m*h*daPa2/3)
  • water-tightness: p = 600 Pa
  • warmth permeating coefficient (panel middle part): Uo 0.15 do 0.19 W/m2K
  • warmth permeating coefficient for profiles: 1.55 1.70 W/m2K
  • acoustic insulation: Rw = 30 55 dB PN-B-02151-3:1999
  • fire classification (lintel and window sill belt): EI30 (NRO) PN-B-02851-1:1997
  • fire classification (full configuration FASADA 50 EI 60) EI 60 PN-EN 13501-2:2007

System advantages

  • enables the implementation of various shapes and sizes of structures in accordance with the concept of an architect
  • high water tightness and thermal insulation parameters in accordance with applicable norms
  • FA50 SG and SG-M system is compatible with all door and window from the offer of YAWAL S.A.

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