600x600_3204System description

It is one of the newest products in YAWAL offer. The FA 50N SW structural window is a general purpose system that enables to design a parallel sliding or turn-and- tilt window in the façade with mechanically fixed glazing.
The window is designed that aluminium profiles of the window sash frame are invisible from exterior façade. Shape of the profiles is adjusted to fittings and knife hinges conventionally used in Europe and in conformity with European standards. Essential feature of this new solution consists in possibility to construct of tilt windows, especially large sized parallel sliding windows. Max dimensions of the window leaf are the following: leaf width up 2 m and leaf height up to 3 m.

System advantages:

  • The system enables completion of structures with varied shapes and dimensions according to the architect vision,
  • Due to a variety of versions, the system meets all valid standards concerning waterproofness, thermal and fire insulation,
  • A wide range of frame trims enables to achieve various visual effects on the curtain wall,
  • Possibility of profile bending,
  • The system has many variants of different parameters,
  • Possibility of combining with other Yawal systems.

Technical parameters:

  • Air permeability: Class 4 acc. to PN-EN 12207:2001,
  • Water-tightness: Class E1500 acc. to PN-EN 12208:2001,
  • Wind load resistance: Class B4 (1600 Pa)/ Class C4 (1600 Pa) + 2400Pa/-1600Pa acc. to PN-EN 12210:2001,
  • Resistance against impact from the inside and outside.

Technical characteristics:

  • Internal visible width: Gap of 13 mm;
  • External visible width: 67.4 mm;
  • Glazing: Mechanically fixed glazing;
  • Pane thickness: From 24 mm;
  • Internal pane thickness: 6-12 mm;
  • Types of the windows: Outwards tilt window, side hung window, outwards parallel sliding window.

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