FA 50

600x600_2912Facade 50 system enables the creation of curtain walls fixed to existing buildings or pre-prepared steel or reinforced concrete structures. Curtain walls are fixed to vertical and sloping surfaces, but it is also possible to construct arched curtain walls.
The load-bearing structure of the system consists of poles and crosspieces fixed to each other by means of proper connectors. The system of fixing a crosspiece to a pole guarantees greater tightness and appropriate ventilation of the curtain wall structure.
The infill may be single, glued, insulated or bullet-proof panes.

The infill may be made from transparent, absorptive or reflexive glass, but it may be also polycarbonate plate or aluminium panels with insulation foam. There is a possibility of building PI50, TM62 2.1, TM74 1.0, PBI50, PBI40E and DP94 system doors and windows into a curtain wall structure. Profiles used for preparing the aluminium wall structure undergo surface processing based on polyester varnishing or anodising. The layers protect profiles from the environmental influence and make them look aesthetic. In case of painting, a range of 180 colours is available in accordance with the RAL colours, and for anodised profiles coloured layers are possible from natural aluminium, through golden to dark brown. Decorative coating takes place in modern technological sequences compliant with European quality norms which guarantees long-time colour constancy.

(based on the ITB AT-15-4146/2006 approval)

1. Stiffness and load
The deflections of the Facade 50 system curtain wall which are the result of characteristic loads should not exceed the following:

* 1/300 L for the elements of a post and beam structure with insulated glass; a glass deflection should not exceed 8 mm,

* 1/200 L in the previous case with the use of single glass.

2. Air infiltration

A complex curtain wall should be totally tight. The permissible value of the air infiltration coefficient equals a < 0.1 m3/(m×h×daPa2/3)

3. Water-tightness

Water-tightness for a complex curtain wall should be maintained for pressure differences p = 600 Pa, when the water flow intensity equals 2 l/(min×1m2)

4. Heat permeating coefficient

Bridge identification U [W/m2xK]
The combination of non-transparent modules by a post/bolt 0.000
The combination of a non-transparent and transparent module (solid glazing) by a post/bolt 0.020
The combination of a non-transparent and transparent module (open glazing) by a post/bolt 0.015

5. Acoustic insulation

The weighted index for the resultant acoustic insulation for a curtain wall with glazing Rw < 38 dB may be calculated for a particular solution


  • window sill: Rw = 55 dB
  • constant module: Rw = 35 dB (pane 6+4/16)
  • constant module: Rw = 40 dB (pane 4.4.1+6/16A)
  • window module: Rw = 37 dB (pane 6+4/16)
  • window module: Rw = 39 dB (pane 4.4.1+6/16A)

6. Fire classification

A curtain wall made from non-flammable materials, of a skeleton structure is classified as not spreading fire. The lintel and parapet belt, whose structure is compliant with the approval document directions (item 8.3) has been classified as the F1 fire-protection class (PN-90/B-02851), EI 60 (CEN, PN-B-02851-1:1997).

7. Rustproofing:

* anodic layers

– thickness 20 – 30 m,
– appearance in accordance with PN-80/H97023,
– degree of the coating tightness the impedance exceeds 10k,
– the coating rustproof properties: the coating condition unchanged after 20 cycles of acid salt mist, unchanged after 6 days of dipping samples in NaCl water solution with the addition of hydrogen peroxide and acetic acid,

* polyester layers:

– thickness 75 – 15 m,
– relative hardness no less than 0.7 in accordance with PN-79/C-81530 (ISO 1522),
– adhesion – degree (PN EN ISO 2409:1999),
– resistance to salt mist activity (1000 h) coating unchanged,
– coating resistance to distilled water activity (temp. 23oC and 40oC after 1000 h) coating unchanged,
– resistance to aggressive media activity (500 h and 1000h) – coating unchanged (PN-93/C-81532/01).

Technical details:

  • Profile width: 50 mm;
  • Bar length: 7000 mm ;
  • Material: Alloy EN AW 6060 in accordance with PN-EN 573-3, tolerance in accordance with PN-EN 12020-2, resistance properties in accordance with PN EN 755 -2;
  • Seals: EPDM, TPE;
  • Insulation: profile PCW.

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