800x532_3213The access of natural light to a building interior is beneficial to human health, productivity and learning ability. A perfect solution to provide the access of daylight to a room is the application of a skylight prepared with the use of FA 50 ROOF REI 30 system.

FA 50 ROOF REI 30 system enables the design and manufacture of a glazed roof (a fire-proof skylight and a load-bearing aluminium profile FACADA 50 structure. The system has a skeleton structure which consists of aluminium pillars and bolts with transparent tempered and fireproof glass fills. The profile chambers are tucked with reinforcing pillars with cooling inserts. Moreover, the load-bearing pole profiles are tucked with steel flat bars along its entire length. Apart from typical aluminium system elements, the roof structures employ insulation materials characterised by very good fireproof properties, as well as a particularly favourable proportion between the price and quality.

425x600_3067Characteristics and merits of the system

  • a possibility of production of glazed 15-degree mono- and double-pitched roofs,
  • the system allows for the implementation of skylight and glazed roof structures of various shapes,
  • the system meets rigorous fire-protection norms – REI 30 class of fire resistance,
  • possibility of diversified structure colours and surface finishing.


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